Rosa Maria Tucakov

Vice President & CEO

Since 2003, Rosa Maria Tucakov has been with Henkel IP Intellectual Property and holds overall responsibility for its operational sector. She strategically develops areas such as quality assurance, marketing, accounting, controlling, HR, and IT, and independently shapes the internal processes of the firm using database technologies and application software.

Her studies in law and mechanical engineering provide her with a broad spectrum of expertise, offering a deep understanding of legal aspects, while her engineering knowledge further deepens her technical expertise. With her business acumen and years of experience as a consultant and manager, she masters the tools of strategic business management and shapes the operational processes of HENKEL IP Intellectual Property with a results-oriented approach.

Moreover, with her expertise and numerous additional qualifications, such as being a patent counsel from the University of Jena, she provides an exceptional overview of the entire IP sector, enabling her to lead HENKEL IP Intellectual Property effectively.